Inspired by real life.

We’ve never been ones to believe that adventure stops with kids. To us, it’s not the end of discovery—it’s the start of new kinds of adventures, in new ways. At Kepat, we focus on quality, community, and design inspired by real-life. After frustrations with existing baby carriers, it became apparent—there had to be a better way to do this. A way to get out and explore, without the hassle. Join us in re-imagining the journey and forging a new path, together. 

Created for real families.

We’ve created something that makes unnecessarily complicated things easier. Sporting a functional two-piece design, Kepat delivers what you want in a baby carrier—safety, simplicity, and comfort. Its easily detachable baby pod and built-in backpack are made for more flexibility as you embark on your next adventure, and less disruption for your little one.

Kepat was created by active parents, for active parents. So you can keep doing what you love, with those you love.


A better way to explore.

A better way to explore.